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Rhombic is rooted in leadership, duty, honor, integrity, and respect. As a former Special Forces Green Beret Communication Sergeant, the CEO of
Rhombic’s persistence, determination, and commitment to achieve mission success is at the forefront of the company. We aim to be value added members of our communities and to continuously provide excellent customer service while meeting mission demands.

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Just want to thank you for all the support you provide for Splunk. It is finally nice to have someone that is motivated, a self-starter, and is eager to learn/troubleshoot. As I have mentioned to you when you started, none of your predecessors were any good. You jump right in, know what you need to do, don't wait for me to assign tasks to you. I appreciate that.

Craig Calder, CISSP Chief, DTIC Cyber Security

I want to thank you again for all of the support that you provide for Splunk. It is nice to see that you take pride and ownership of what you are doing and being pro-active, and not just sitting around until you are tasked to do something. Thanks for all of your hard work on Splunk Enterprise Security and Qmulos Q-Compliance. Those will be valuable tools for DTIC.

Craig Calder, CISSP Chief, DTIC Cyber Security

Just wanted to let you know that I have you listed as my most critical person supporting Cyber. I could lose all the other staff, but I need to keep you.

Craig Calder, CISSP Chief, DTIC Cyber Security